Frequently Asked Questions

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Your health insurance rate will depend on various factors, including age and the state in which you live. There is a wide range of prices so it’s always best to shop and compare rates. It varies from state to state and county
Health insurance covers medical expenses for illnesses, injuries, mental health, accidents surgeries, and more. People fall ill without ever anticipating it. Our loved ones could develop a condition you didn’t foresee. Medical inflation is at an all-time high and people sometimes have to declare what’s called Medical Bankruptcy. With the right health insurance, you have access to doctors and hospitals that work with your insurance company and are paid in large part without you having to reach too deeply into your own pocket.
The best way to get coverage is to find an insurance broker to help find the lowest prices and help you compare health insurance quotes and compare them side by side on what benefits you are looking for
A broker who works with multiple insurance companies.
Medicare is a federal health insurance for people who are turning 65 and over, or with disability.
These are plans A-N, They are federally regulated and have different prices, and have no networks.
Advantage plan is HMO or PPO. The plans differ from benefits and have maxed out of pockets and networks.
No, if you have what’s called creditable coverage. Meaning if you have employer coverage.

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